Ultiledger teamed up with CellETF to bring a new round of defi benefits to the community

Recently, a centralized exchange has experienced a thunderstorm and cannot withdraw coins. Many investors are very worried about the safety of their assets and start to consider decentralized trading methods again. The CellETF flash swap launched by Ultiledger’s strategic partner Cell Network is a decentralized trading system that can be technically comparable to Uniswap. Above, it is very convenient and safe to exchange assets on the Ethereum chain.

This joint event is a promotion of the flash exchange platform, and it is a kind of welfare. Users only need to deposit the designated token assets and provide liquidity for the product’s fund pool to obtain income. It is also known as “liquid mining”. During the event, users can get an airdrop of 30% of eCell tokens annually.

Ultiledger users can get airdrops by adding liquidity to eCell-ULT trade pair. Users only need to exchange for eCell with the flash exchange function, and then put it into the fund pool together with other ULTs to participate. To participate in the activity, you can use imtoken wallet, enter the previous cooperation link in the browse page or search for the DApp of CellETF.

For more event information, please refer to CellETF’s event description:


Announcement on the progress of Ultiledger’s first phase of earnings repurchase

Currently, the first phase of ULT market operations has been completed. A total of 5 million ULT was repurchased. Among them, 750,000 were repurchased directly from early investors, 2.75 million were repurchased from the cointiger exchange, 1 million were repurchased from the coinex exchange, and 500,000 were repurchased from the ripplefox gateway. The repurchase address is:0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d, the whole process is open and transparent.

During the repurchase period, the lowest price was 0.01 usdt, rose to 0.0175 usdt, and the highest touched 0.019 usdt. Achieved very good results.

In the future, the ULT Foundation will continue its market operations. Convert income from industry and incubation into market behavior. This reflects the great significance of practicing self-finance.


ULT Foundation Market Purchase Announcement

Since its establishment, the ULT Foundation has always insisted on taking the value route. Vigorously promote enterprise-level solutions combining industry and blockchain. Very good results have been achieved in supply chain finance and traceability.

This market purchase plan is to purchase 4.5 million ULTs from Ripple, Stellar, exchanges, cornerstones, etc. at a price not higher than 0.03 USDT from June 1 to September 1.

The purchased ULT address is 0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d

The lock-up period is one year, and it is used for market incentives after the expiration.

NEWS!Ultiledger ecological enterprise Lianzhen Digits and Jincai Internet jointly invested 30 million yuan to establish the “Jincai Blockchain Research Institute”

Recently, Ultiledger ecological enterprise Lianzhen Digits and Jincai Internet (002530) established Jincai Internet Intelligence Chain Research Institute (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Among them, Ultiledger ecological enterprise Lianzhen Digits plans to invest 9 million yuan, with a 30% investment rate. This cooperation is also in response to the call of the country’s new infrastructure to implement blockchain technology to all aspects of industrial support.

Cyberspace Administration of China released the third batch of domestic blockchain information record number announcement! Chain list system based on Ultiledger technology gets publicized.

On April 24, 2020, Cyberspace Administration of China released the third batch of domestic blockchain information record number announcement !, Winwin Chain Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.-The “chain bill” system based on Ultiledger technology was announced and became the third batch of units that filed through the blockchain information service.At present, the chain bill system has been launched by many listed companies to promote industrial development.

Announcement address:


Ultiledger Japan’s publicity and promotion is getting better

Since ULT came online on September 19, 2018, it has gained more and more attention from people at home and abroad. After members of the overseas community found a foreign media report on Ultiledger on Twitter, Japanese community enthusiasts also translated the materials of Ultiledger into the Japanese community to spread, and received a lot of heat and attention.

U news | Ultiledger and Consensus Cell Network reach strategic cooperation

On April 2, Ultiledger reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Consensus Cell Network. After in-depth communication, the two parties will strengthen cooperation in the areas of enterprise supply chain, traceability and government affairs. On the decentralized value circulation of the blockchain, a series of activities will be held combining the advantages of both parties. Please stay tuned.

The 1st Global Conference on Human Resources·Human Capital Services was successfully held in Jinan China.Ultiledger Founder, Randolf Liang, was invited to give a speech.

The 1st Global Conference on Human Resources·Human Capital Services was successfully held in Jinan China.Ultiledger Founder, Randolf Liang, was invited to give a speech.

Ultiledger founder Randolf Liang will give a lecture at the Xiamen University in Dec 21st 2019

The state has clearly proposed to vigorously develop blockchain technology and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Therefore, the word “blockchain” has once again ignited. Today, blockchain technology has been extended to finance, digital asset transactions, etc.field . Universities are important bases for scientific research and breakthroughs in key technologies in China. Blockchain technology has become a hot spot in higher education research.

Invited by the Blockchain Research Center of Xiamen University, Randolf Liang, the founder of Ultiledger, will give a lecture on blockchain technology at Xiamen University this Saturday. This is a good opportunity to provide the latest cutting-edge technology learning and exchange. The lecture is divided into speech and practical exercises to stimulate university students’ creative consciousness and practical ability.

Speaker: Randolf Liang

The founder of Ultiledger

Dean of Jincai Internet Blockchain Research Institute

Lecture: Value Circulation and Application Scenarios in the Blockchain

Time: December 21st 10: 00-11: 30 AM

Practical Course: Asset Issuance

Time: December 21st 14: 30-16: 00 PM,

As we know, Xiamen University’s research on Blockchain Technology is at the forefront of universities in the China. The Blockchain Research Center of Xiamen University is a platform for technological innovation and a platform for cooperation and openness. The research center will actively cooperate with professors and experts from universities at home and abroad, and companies from different industries. Jointly promote the development of blockchain technology in China and contribute to the economic construction of Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

Ultiledger will take this opportunity to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities in China. At the same time, with the abundant resources of the Ultiledger community in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, Ultiledger will also expand the various blockchain industry cooperation in Xiamen. Stay tuned for more exciting improvements coming soon!