Ultiledger and Guizhou Qianjiu Co., Ltd. launches a collection of commemorative liquor U919

” Guests fill up the room, and the cups of liquor are never empty.”

The world-famous Chinese Liquor culture is not only in the Liquor itself, but also in the various “rituals” and “loves” in daily life that are born out of the Liquor, showing a splendid oriental traditional culture. To commemorate Ultiledger World Premiere on September 19th, Ultiledger and Guizhou Qianjiu Co., Ltd. launchs a limited edition Ultiledger World Premiere commemorative liquor “U919”.

Guizhou Qianjiu Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: “Qianjiu”) was founded in 1958. It is located in China Maotai Town, one of the world’s three major sources (Maotai Town/Luban Town/Wuma Town) of distilled spirits. “Qianjiu” is the “Top Ten Private Industrial Enterprises in Renhuai City, Guizhou Province” and “Top Ten Liquor Industrial Enterprises in Renhuai City, Guizhou Province”.

2018 is the year of Qianjiu’s 60th establishment anniversary, it unites the Ultiledger community launches the world premiere commemorative liquor “U919” with the founder of Ultiledger and the founder of RippleFox Randolf Liang’s autography.

60 years of persistence, only a good bottle of Liquor

The expectations of tens of thousands of people are only ignited for the flame

Limited 3000 bottles

Ultiledger was founded by a group of ambitious young people with the dream of “Technology changes the world, “Financial inclusive to the public”. The founder Randolf Liang is a technical geek who began to pay attention to the blockchain in 2012 and started coding blockchain in 2013. In 2014, Randolf Liang initiated the Ripplefox community, which attracts more than 20,000 blockchain developers and enthusiasts all over the world in four years. It is also the largest Ripple and Stellar gateway in China.

With the successful blockchain implementation and the support of the community members, Ultiledger founded. In the “U919” bottle design, the fire fox holds the torch highly with a running position, representing the expectation of RippleFox community to the ULT holy fire, igniting the holy fire, passing hope…

Why is Qianjiu and Ultiledger launching the Collection of Commemorative Liquor U919?

In recent years, most enterprises have faced many problems such as overcapacity, rising operating costs, increasingly fierce competition, and difficult financing. Enterprises urgently need more subdivided financial scenarios to meet the business needs.

As a long-lived enterprise for 60 years, Qianjiu has always insisted on innovation breakthroughs, actively adapting to the new normal, and experiencing the up and downs of the industry. Qianjiu have set an example that can be referenced to Guizhou and even the country. With the development of blockchain technology, Qianjiu realized the value of the blockchain. Previously, Qianjiu and Ultiledger reached a preliminary intention for ecological cooperation.

Ultiledger, the next-generation global self-financing blockchain protocol will help Qianjiu to achieve a zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem with extremely low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial ledger and account system with bank security levels. Relying on the strong credit of Qianjiu, the credit of upstream and downstream enterprises will be increased, and the credits of Qianjiu will be blessed to the small and medium-sized micro-suppliers, so that they can enjoy the preferential interest rate of the bank with the same credit and obtain the financial support.

In order to benefit the upstream and downstream suppliers and the entire liquor industry ecosystem, and to solve the financing difficulties and financing problems of small and micro enterprises and individual suppliers, the cooperation between Qianjiu and Ultiledger will be its exploration in supply chain finance.

At the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Qianjiu and the Ultiledger World Premiere, Ultiledger and Qianjiu launches a limited edition Ultiledger World Premiere commemorative liquor “U919”, which is of great practical significance for traditional enterprises, community ecological construction, and Token economic ecosystem construction.

Scan the QR Code for purchasing

The event was initiated by the Ultiledger community, and Qianjiu will invest a maximum percentage of U919 sales in the ecological development of the Ultiledger community.

Event Trailer | Ultiledger Meetup Guizhou Station and Moutai Culture Tour

Anyone who participates in the purchase of commemorative liquor will have the opportunity to participate in the Ultiledger Guizhou MetalUp (Ultiledger world premiere commemorative liquor U919 releasing event) held in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province in mid-to-late October.

1. Visit the Qianjiu Factory

2. Visit the Qianjiu Culture Center, the Red Army Long March Sidu Chishui Luban Field Battle Hall, Maocun Qianjiu Folk Museum

The Red Army Long March Sidu Chishui Luban Field Battle Hall

3. Experience the Maotai-flavored liquor tasting, you can have your customized taste according to the guidance of the bartender, there are seven rounds of the original pulp liquor of different tastes, which can be tune-up, and you have a chance to seal up your taste as a memorial.

4. Visit Maotai Liquor Factory and National Liquor Culture City, and enjoy the night view of Maotai Ancient Town.

Maotai Ancient Town Night Scene

5. Watch the large-scale water show in Maotai Ancient Town, and learn about the story of Maotai Town and Maotai Liquor…

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隨行活動預告 | Ultiledger Meetup貴州站及茅臺酒文化之旅









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Ultiledger Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, the books of Everyone understands the blockchain +10000ULT

Mid-Autumn Festival will be coming in a few days; see the surprise by clicking on the video.

Festive blessings sent by Ultiledger founder Randolf Liang and Ultiledger consultant Jinhai Luo from the Quantum School.

Everyone must be very familiar with our founder Randolf Liang. Today, we would like to introduce the consultant of Ultiledger project, Jinhai Luo, who is the founder of the Quantum School.

  Ultiledger consultant——Jinhai Luo

The Founder of Quantum School, the 2140 Encryption Community Sponsor, the Editor-in-Chief of Southern Metropolis Daily, the earliest blockchain entrepreneur in China, the founder of Coins Web, the founder of ColaPay, the founder of blockchain copyright project “Original Base”, and the first promoter of blockchain “multi-signature”. At the same time, Mr. Jin also has the identity of submarine engineer, science fiction writer, and reporter of the Southern Newspaper. He is the author of “Newton’s New Clothes”, “Everyone understands blockchain”, “Calculation” and “City War”. He is the prefacer of many science fiction works written by Cixin Liu, the author of “Three-body”. The Quantum School was founded at the end of 2016, focusing on the popularization of natural science and logical rationality. The current platform has more than 500,000 readers and is the top natural science community in China.

As an industry senior of the Shenzhen blockchain, Mr. Luo has blockchain experience in e-commerce, third-party payment, copyright, project investment, and token system design, and he is an important linker in the Shenzhen blockchain industry. Ultiledger is very honored to invite Mr. Luo to be a special consultant.

Not only did we get the Mid-Autumn Festival blessings from Randolf Liang and Jinhai Luo, but also have surprising gifts prepared by the Ultiledger team.

“Everyone understands the blockchain” is professionally polished by the Quantum School team of the Natural Science Education Platform. It is specially recommended by the coin association + blockchain community + technical circle. The preface was written by Yiping Huang, vice president of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, and Jihan Wu, founder of Bitmain. It is called “a book that truly explains the theory and technology of blockchain”. This book has important reference value for blockchain beginners, blockchain entrepreneurs and investors.

Now you can get the autographed “Everyone understands the blockchain” by Mr. Luo through participating in the event and you can win over 10000ULT.

Activity time: September 21-24, 2018, 6pm

Way of participation:

  1. Follow the Ultiledger WeChat public account, share the Ultiledger Mid-Autumn poster, and collect 19 or more likes by screenshots;
  2. Add one of the Ultiledger customer services wechat account (ultiledger_io, yf199274, 313848838), send the screenshots to the customer service;
  3. The customer services will invite you to enter the Ultiledger Mid-Autumn Festival group. The lucky draw will be opened to the group at the end of the event, and 10 lucky friends will get Mr. Luo’s autographed “Everyone understands the blockchain” and 50 people will get the 200ULT.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

We wish a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all the friends in the Ultiledger community!





Ultiledger 顧問——羅金海














Ultiledger COO Tommy Xu visited Anhui Refinancing Co., Ltd.

On September 18th, Ultiledger Co-Founder and COO Tommy Xu visited Anhui Refinancing Co., Ltd. The Chairman Qingqi Wang, and the deputy General Managers Chunlei Jiang, Yuan Wang and the Assistant General Manager Chen Qian gave a warm reception to the Ultiledger Team. The two sides had a deep communication on blockchain factoring and blockchain self-financing.

There is great consensus on the blockchain application in commercial factoring, and both sides believe that there is a large space for the blockchain application. The main object of commercial factoring is the accounts receivable, and behind each account receivable is a trading scenario. From this perspective, commercial factoring and blockchain technology are a perfect pair. For the factoring company, the big data analysis and application of industrial information can have more effective risk management, and the supply chain financial services can be interactive developed through the use of blockchain and other technologies combined with the advantages of finance and the integration of business data.

In the communication, Tommy Xu introduced Ultiledger self-financing blockchain protocol which gained a high recognition from the Chairman Qingwei Wang, Deputy General Managers Chunlei Jiang and Yuan Wang. And they hope to visit Ultiledger in the near future.

About Anhui Refinancing Co., Ltd.

Anhui Refinancing Co., Ltd. formerly known as Anhui Wantou Small Credit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to as “Wantou Small Credit”) was established in November 2013, by Anhui Provincial Investment Group UN Yuan Group and The Provincial Traffic Control Group with a registered capital of 1 billion RMB. Approved by the Provincial Financial Office, the Wantou Small Credit was changed to a provincial re-lending company in January 2018, becoming the only provincial-level re-lending company in Anhui and now it is the vice president unit of the China Microfinance Company Association.

Since its establishment, the provincial re-lending company has established a high-quality management team, based on the four functional positionings of government finance, technology finance, corporate finance and consumer finance, with a rich product system and fast and efficient services together with the innovative investment and loan business model. Accumulatively invested more than 20 billion RMB of credit funds to nearly 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, which has made outstanding contributions to the development of the real economy. It has strong influence in Anhui Province and has established a good brand image of “Anhui Refinancing”.

Ultiledger COO徐立訪問安徽省小額再貸款股份有限公司

9月18日,Ultiledger Co-Foumder兼COO徐立訪問安徽省小額再貸款股份有限公司(以下簡稱“省再貸款公司”),由省再貸款公司董事長王慶昊親自接待,並由副總經理蔣春雷、汪源及總經理助理錢陳陪同接待,雙方就區塊鏈保理和區塊鏈自金融進行交流座談。

交流過程中,對於區塊鏈在商業保理中的應用雙方擁有極大共識,認為應用空間十分巨大。商業保理的主要對象就是應收賬款,而每壹筆應收賬款的背後就是壹個交易場景。從這個角度看,商業保理與區塊鏈技術是完美的壹對組合。 對保理公司而言,利用區塊鏈等科技結合金融的優勢,通過業務數據的整合,做產業信息大數據分析及應用,更有效進行風險管理,可以互聯互通發展供應鏈金融服務。





The Ultiledger Partner “Win-Win Chain” helps “Infinitus” to launch the “Infinitus Financing” Project by Introducing Stellar

The Ultiledger partner Win-Win Chain Information Technology helps Infinitus to launch the “Infinitus Financing” project by introducing Stellar.

In June 2018, Ebon Holdings subsidiary Youbei Information Technology Co., Ltd. has a strategic cooperation with Win-Win Chain Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which builds a supply chain financial product –Globel Cloud Chian System for the supply chain financial technology platform Globel Cloud Chian by introducing Stellar to achieve the way of multi-chain, and to help Infinitus to launch the ” Infinitus Financing” project.

The “Infinitus Financing” project relies on Infinitus credit, and based on the transfer of accounts receivable credits, and the commercial factoring company provides factoring financing for the Infinitus small and medium-sized micro-suppliers, benefiting all kinds of suppliers and even the whole Infinitus direct selling industry ecosystem, solving the problem of financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises and individual suppliers.

About Infinitus

Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. – is the core brand of the original “Southern Lee Kum Kee Co., Ltd.” and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Lee Kum Kee Group, which specializes in the development and sales of Chinese herbal health products. Established in 1992, with “Infinitus” as its core brand, it is a large-scale Hong Kong-owned enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of Chinese herbal health products. It is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. According to the “2017 China Direct Selling Enterprise Performance Report” released by the China Industrial Research Institute, the performance of Infinitus ranked first in the Chinese direct selling industry last year.