ULT Foundation Market Purchase Announcement

Since its establishment, the ULT Foundation has always insisted on taking the value route. Vigorously promote enterprise-level solutions combining industry and blockchain. Very good results have been achieved in supply chain finance and traceability.

This market purchase plan is to purchase 4.5 million ULTs from Ripple, Stellar, exchanges, cornerstones, etc. at a price not higher than 0.03 USDT from June 1 to September 1.

The purchased ULT address is 0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d

The lock-up period is one year, and it is used for market incentives after the expiration.



本次市場購買計畫為從6月1日起至9月1日,以不高於0.03 USDT的價格從閘道、交易所、基石等處,購買450萬ULT。