直播預告 | 2019年下半年,數字貨幣走勢將是怎樣?

在当前这么一个热火朝天的牛市环境下,Ultiledger 创始人梁然将联合CoinTiger 创始人Frank Ling & BitUniverse创始人陈勇一起探讨:2019年下半年,数字货币走势将是怎样?




Ultiledger創始人 梁然
曾任萬向區塊鏈實驗室高級項目經理、SAP 中國研究院高級技術專家
Stellar和Ripple創始人Jed McCaleb中國區最早引薦人

CoinTiger創始人兼CEO Frank Ling
曾就職於HP 、網易遊戲,雪球,老虎證券,擔任多個管理職務,後創業,創立了專著海外資產的《籌碼》美股社群和公眾號,擁有超過10萬高凈值用戶。2017年起,作為創始人兼CEO,成立了CoinTiger 數字貨幣交易平臺。

BitUniverse 創始人兼CEO 陳勇

在陳勇主持獵豹移動公司的核心產品業務期間,獵豹移動市值達50億美金。他所負責的Clean Master,CMS產品全球總下載次數超過16億,產品月度活躍達到6億。

Public Release on CoinTiger × BitUniverse UTL International Grid Trading Competition

In order to celebrate the establishment of partnership between CoinTiger, BitUniverse and ULT, the three parties will co-host “ULT International Grid Trading Competition”, with total award pool of 20000XLM+200000ULT as a giveaway to the communities, helping users secure stable profits in a swinging market.

  1. Event Time

2019/6/24 10:00 am – 2019/6/30 10:00 am(UTC+8)

  1. Event Form

The Competition is composed by two parts: Sunny Awards, Profitability Awards. Total Award Pool: 20000XLM+200000ULT.

Part 1: Sunny AWARDS:「200000ULT

1).Qualification requirement: users register CoinTiger and BitUniverse, then run Grid trading pairs ULT/BTC, ULT/USDT, ULT/ETH;

2).Award requirement: during the event, when running ULT Grid trading pairs, single orders mount shall be $100,AND, running frequency shall be ≧ 12 hours, AND, trading frequency shall be ≧30 times;

3). Each winner can have 「2000ULT」each, with limited number of 100 winners, first come first served.

Part 2Profitability Award Award Pool:「20000XLM

Time2019/6/27 10:00-2019/6/30 1000UTC+8

1).Qualification requirement: users register CoinTiger and BitUniverse, then run Grid trading pairs ULT/BTC, ULT/USDT, ULT/ETH;

2).Award requirement: during the event, when running ULT Grid trading pairs, single orders mount shall be $100,AND, running frequency shall be ≧ 12 hours, AND, trading frequency shall be ≧30 times;

3).According to Annualized Return Rate ranking, proved by snapshots of trading results of the previous 24 hours at 10:00 on each day. Top 10 winners split 「6666XLM」, during the 3 days, eventually 30 winners split 「20000XLM」.

Above prizes are non-repetitive.

Prizes will be broadcast in Chinese and English official communities and social media channels of CoinTiger, BitUniverse and ULT. Time of broadcast is subject to official website info.

  1. Special Incentive

During the event, users who trade ULT/BTC, ULT/USDT, ULT/ETH can enjoy 50% exemption for the trading fees!

  1. Award Sending

Final interpretation of the event is subject to CoinTiger, BitUniverse and ULT:

Effective trading volume: total volume of buy and sell, excluding intra-account transfers.

During the event, participants’ qualifications will be canceled in case of malignant trading volume fraud.

Award sending: awards will be sent within 2 weeks after the event ends by ULT to CoinTiger accounts.

Risk reminder: cryptocurrency is an investment object with high risks. Investors shall stay cautious on potential risks. Hosts of the event shall not be held accountable for claims or insurance.

CoinTiger Introduction:

CoinTiger is an innovative and global exchange which provides one-stop financial services such as Crypto, Fiat,Futures, Investment products and IEO. Currently, we are providing 100+ digital asset financial services to 2 million investors around the globe, more than 100 countries and regions. The average daily turnover is 300 million USD and ranks top 30 in CMC!

Ultilegder Introduction:

Ultilegder, the Next Generation Global Self-financing Blockchain Protocol, an open source protocol initiated by a number of IT technology geeks, gets a high-level consensus and co-governance from the communities. Ultiledger aims to build an economic and financial ecosystem based on token ULT to help any organization (contains government, business, industry clusters or individuals and communities) that needs to build trust at a low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial book and account system of bank-grade security; zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem; improved security, privacy, efficiency and capital availability of the system through the combination of the main chain and sub-chains. In the Ultiledger ecosystem, any tangible assets, data or intangible rights can be written on blockchain to become a string of code to achieve assets and data tokenization, and to use smart contracts and distributed storage for completing functions such as confirmation, notarization, trading, circulation, etc., and finally achieving “credit circulation, asset circulation, value circulation” in the algorithm world.

BitUniverse Introduction

BitUniverse independently develops and initiatively applies Grid trading bot in cryptocurrencies. Within three months after the bot coming online, it has helped users earn more than 3 million USDs. BitUniverse is an app integrating market data, auto portfolio and grid trading. Within 1 year after the release of the App, the number of downloads exceeds 1 million. The App has supported more than 200 exchanges, 60000 tokens and 10 exchanges for Grid trading bot.

BitUniverse provides trading tools for users to help them make more money in swinging market. The tools are:

  • Grid Trading Bot: in swinging market, the bot automatically proceeds “buy low and sell high” within certain price margin to earn more profits for users.
  • Trailing Take Profit: during unilateral rise or drop, users can set trailing percent to maximize profitability.
  • AI Strategy: on basis of historic pricing statistics analysis, optimal strategy can be automatically provided to help users with profit increasing.

BitUniverse Chinese website:https://www.biyou.tech/

BitUniverse English website:https://www.bituniverse.org/



三方將聯合發起舉辦ULT全球網格交易大賽,參與可贏取200,000 ULT及20,000 XLM禮包。詳情如下:

陽光普照獎,交易ULT贏200,000 ULT獎勵
活動規則:活動期間,通過CoinTiger幣虎交易所在BitUniverse上進行ULT網格交易(ULT/BTC、ULT/USDT、ULT/ETH均可),單個網格交易訂單≥100 USDT,運行12小時且運行次數≥30次,即可獲得2,000 ULT獎勵。獎勵先到先得,200,000 ULT送完即止。

個人實力獎,交易ULT贏20,000 XLM獎勵
活動規則:活動期間,通過CoinTiger幣虎交易所在BitUniverse上進行ULT網格交易(ULT/BTC、ULT/USDT、ULT/ETH中任意壹個或多個),BitUniverse將連續3天(28日、29日、30日)每天10:00對用戶交易成績進行快照,以“年化收益率”進行排名,前10名可瓜分6,666 XLM,3天共30人瓜分20,000 XLM。獎勵詳情如下:

1、下載BitUniverse APP
BitUniverse APP中文下載地址:
BitUniverse APP英文下載地址:


Ultiledger News | Stellar Network Open ULT/CNY Trading

Now you can log in to the Stellar desktop wallet or Utoken and you can do ULT/CNY trading. It can be said to be quite fast and convenient.

Four steps, easy to get, follow me

Step 1, log in Stellar desktop wallet – derivative project – click credit ULT

Step 2, enter the credit page – credit CNY

Step 3, enter the trading page – select the trading pair – set ULT as the base currency

Step 4, return to the trading page, you can carry out ULT/CNY trading~

After completing the desktop wallet credit, you can easily operate the phone by importing the stellar wallet in Utoken~

About Utoken

The first mobile wallet to support Ripple, Stellar and other mainstream blockchain networks. Support a variety of assets such as Ripple / Stellar / Bitcoin / Ethereum, a set of mnemonics, easy to manage. No background, no personal information, decentralized private key support, encrypted storage.

You can now download your wallet via www.utoken.cash or by scanning the QR code below!

U快訊 | Stellar網絡開放ULT/CNY交易


四個步驟,輕松get,follow me

Step 1,登陸Stellar桌面錢包-衍生項目-點擊授信ULT

Step 2,進入授信頁面-授信CNY

Step 3,進入交易頁面-選擇交易對-設置ULT為基礎貨幣

Step 4,返回交易頁面,就可以進行ULT/CNY交易啦~