Announcement on the progress of Ultiledger’s first phase of earnings repurchase

Currently, the first phase of ULT market operations has been completed. A total of 5 million ULT was repurchased. Among them, 750,000 were repurchased directly from early investors, 2.75 million were repurchased from the cointiger exchange, 1 million were repurchased from the coinex exchange, and 500,000 were repurchased from the ripplefox gateway. The repurchase address is:0x71a840e027b2fc5f05977e0734de6a39a35cd61d, the whole process is open and transparent.

During the repurchase period, the lowest price was 0.01 usdt, rose to 0.0175 usdt, and the highest touched 0.019 usdt. Achieved very good results.

In the future, the ULT Foundation will continue its market operations. Convert income from industry and incubation into market behavior. This reflects the great significance of practicing self-finance.