1) 年銷售收入10億人民幣以上
2) 需對接企業董事長、執行總裁、財務總監等職務人士

1) 社區成員只需幫助Ultiledger與符合條件企業建立聯系,經Ultiledger團隊評審後,將安排專人與企業洽談具體業務,壹旦Ultiledger與該企業簽約,引薦的社區成員即可獲得獎勵。
2) 同時歡迎社區成員參與Ultiledger與企業的洽談,並視情況給予額外的獎勵。
3) 掃碼咨詢活動詳情: Sara、Ultiledger

Ultiledger Global Manufacturing Enterprise Eco-recruitment Program

Ultiledger starts a global manufacturing enterprise eco-recruitment program in the communities.

Introduce one or more global manufacturing companies, and once Ultiledger signs the contract with the company, you will reward 2 million ULT.

Conditions of introduced enterprise:

1) Annual sales income of more than RMB 1 billion

2) Contact person: company’s chairman, executive president or chief financial officer.

How to make connection:

1) Community members only need to help Ultiledger to establish contact with qualified companies. After review by Ultiledger team, we will arrange a special person to negotiate specific business with the company. Once Ultiledger signs the contract with the company, the community members will be rewarded.

2) Community members are also welcome to participate in Ultiledger’s negotiations with the company and additional appropriate rewards will be provided.

3) Ultiledger Sara’s Email: 313848838@qq.com

About Ultiledger

Ultilegder, the Next Generation Global Self-financing Blockchain Protocol, aims to build an economic and financial ecosystem based on token ULT to help any organization (contains government, business, industry clusters or individuals and communities) that needs to build trust at a low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial book and account system of bank-grade security; zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem.

At present, the Ultiledger ecosystem has been applied in the field of supply chain finance, and it has been innovated in the wave of blockchain. The Ultiledger sub-chain has successfully applied in many domestic listed companies, including the Daoen Group (002838), the ST&SAT (002291), and the 365 Group.