Paper from team Ultiledger was officially included by IEEE

Recently, in the process of collecting IEEE 2018 papers, the paper “A Scalable and Extensible Blockchain Architecture” co-authored by Ultiledger Founder Ran Liang, Core Development Yue Yu and Jiqiu Xu has stood out from thousands of papers worldwide and was officially included in the IEEE.

As the world’s largest professional technology organization, IEEE has published 30% of the world’s similar literature in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, computing, communications, etc. At the same time, the IEEE also publishes professional technical journals in the fields of electrical engineering, communication, computer theory and methods, with a total of more than 140 volumes. In conjunction with academic exchange activities in various professional and technical fields, IEEE also provides more than 700 publications including journals, technical newsletters, conference proceedings, and journals.

The paper analyzed the advantages and the existing pain points of the blockchain, and it presents a method to build a scalable and extensible blockchain system by multiple chains and sharding techniques. The multiple chains and sharding, how to extend the multiple chains and sharding, the main chain witnesses the sub-chain transaction, and the Cross-chain trading through the value exchange layer. This architecture ultimately provides a new way for the new blockchain system to achieve high scalability and flexibility.

The details of the paper “A Scalable and Extensible Blockchain Architecture” can be found on the IEEE literature website.

About Ultiledger

Ultilegder, the Next Generation Global Self-financing Blockchain Protocol, an open source protocol initiated by a number of IT technology geeks, gets a high-level consensus and co-governance from the communities. Ultiledger aims to build an economic and financial ecosystem based on token ULT to help any organization (contains government, business, industry clusters or individuals and communities) that needs to build trust at a low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial book and account system of bank-grade security; zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem; improved security, privacy, efficiency and capital availability of the system through the combination of the main chain and sub-chains. In the Ultiledger ecosystem, any tangible assets, data or intangible rights can be written on blockchain to become a string of code to achieve assets and data tokenization, and to use smart contracts and distributed storage for completing functions such as confirmation, notarization, trading, circulation, etc., and finally achieving “credit circulation, asset circulation, value circulation” in the algorithm world.

At present, the Ultiledger ecosystem has been implemented in the field of supply chain finance, and it is the first innovation in the blockchain wave. The Ultiledger sub-chain has successfully applied in many domestic listed companies, including the Dawn Group (002838), Saturday Shoes (002291), and the 365 Group.

Ultiledger 團隊論文被IEEE國際組織正式收錄

近期,在 IEEE 2018論文征集過程中,由Ultiledger Founder梁然、核心開發余躍、徐季秋共同編撰的論文《A Scalable and Extensible Blockchain Architecture》從全球數千篇論文中脫穎而出成功入選後並被IEEE正式收錄。

IEEE作為全球最大的專業技術組織,在電氣及電子工程、計算機、通信等領域中,IEEE 發表的技術文獻占到了全球同類文獻的百分之三十。同時IEEE每年還結集出版電氣工程、通訊、計算機理論及方法領域的專業技術期刊,數量達140余冊。配合各專業技術領域的學術交流活動,IEEE還提供學報、技術通訊、會議論文集和會刊等約700余種出版物。

該論文《A Scalable and Extensible Blockchain Architecture》中分析了區塊鏈的優勢和現有痛點,並提出了一種通過多鏈和分片技術構建可擴容和可擴展的區塊鏈系統的方法。多鏈分片架構,以及如何對多鏈分片進行擴展,主鏈如何見證子鏈交易,子鏈間如何通過價值交換層進行跨鏈交易。通過該架構,最終為新的區塊鏈系統提供一種新的方式,實現系統的高擴展性和靈活性。

論文《A Scalable and Extensible Blockchain Architecture》詳細內容可登錄IEEE文獻網站查詢。